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September 05, 2013



The SM County Times has a useful piece on the redistricting here:


I haven't had a chance to go to the mapping site to draw my preferred version, but we have until Friday. That site is here:



The Daily Journal if focused on "slivers" of area or towns while the big issue is the gerrymandering of B'game.



Looks like B'game dodged a bullet on the redistricting:

Supervisors Approve New District Boundaries
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously today to adopt new boundaries for the County’s five supervisorial districts.

“The map we selected takes into account the public input we received from every corner of San Mateo County,” said Don Horsley, president of the Board of Supervisors. “We heard from many interests and we are pleased that we were able to select a map that limited the number of cities that would be divided while at the same time uniting communities.”

Following a public hearing, the Board voted to introduce an ordinance adopting the map “Community Unity B” as the official district boundaries. The vote followed an extensive months-long public outreach process that included a citizen’s advisory committee. Prior to the Board’s October 8th meeting, the advisory committee recommended the Board consider maps called “Community Unity” and “Equity,” which were both supported by members of the public.

The Board ultimately blended the two maps, adopting the recommendations of the “Equity” coalition in the North County and the “Community Unity” coalition in the South County. The approved map also attempts to minimize city divisions while keeping communities of interest like the coast together in a single district.

The adopted map divides four cities between districts: Belmont (Districts 2 and 3), Menlo Park (Districts 3 and 4), San Bruno (Districts 1 and 5) and South San Francisco (Districts 1 and 5). Belmont, South San Francisco and Redwood City were divided between districts in the existing map. The new map unifies Redwood City, which under the previous map had the Redwood Shores area in a separate district.

Key provisions of the adopted map:

District 1: 147,020 residents
Millbrae, Burlingame, Hillsborough and the unincorporated San Mateo Highlands along with 71.9 percent of South San Francisco (mostly east of Junipero Sera Boulevard) and 74.6 percent of San Bruno (south of Sneath Lane and west of Interstate 280).

I recall seeing a meeting notice for Thursday night at the San Mateo library with Warren Slocum and Claire Mack talking about the impact of this decision.


A little more detail in this DJ article:



So, I've read both articles, and I still don't understand what this means for Burlingame. Can somebody spell in out in a sentence or two?


The DJ is taking a first look at the first district-level Supe races per the recent redistricting. While it is not our district (#1) it is interesting nonetheless:


Here is the map as it sits right now--and we did not get lumped in with Pacifica in the final draw: http://bos.smcgov.org/

Former Supervisor Ruben Barrales is back

I would like to hear from both The Democratic Party and The Republican Party on their opinion of redistricting.

In the County Board of Supervisors world, Ruben Barrales (former supervisor) is back in the Bay Area with strong support from The Republican Party and its major donors.

It's time that the thousands of Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians get off the couch, get aware and involved in your community and its leadership opportunities and to restore the balance and debate necessary to enable a true democracy, or at least a representative republic.

Ruben's a stud - check him out!

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