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September 05, 2011



are you aware of the history of the owner of this home? interesting.


Lefty, please don't toy with us! Do tell!!


That was my thought exactly.....who owns this home?


Public records list the name John Vasey.

Lefty, your thoughts?

pat giorni

Today's Patch:


Google the owner's name and you will get details from the past.


I'm missing something here. I have read the Voice stuff twice and I can't find any reference to a lab. Why is the Patch guy so worked up that he is calling the Feds about something that was never said in the first place? It sounds like he needs to get out of his office in San Francisco and talk to some real people.


where are you getting that, hillsider? the patch article says, "no one official" has called the house an actual meth lab. maybe you should read the patch stuff twice?

Larry David

I see a Mike Meyers "Halloween #5."
$2,000,000.00 ruin.
Ignored by the most wealthy City in the SF Bay Area.
Corrupt Police Dept.
Maurie Povich Show finds out through DNA testing that a "decorated"
City of Burlingame Policeman, and a past Council Person...
Lets fill in the blanks, and make this a story.

I am thinking
"Breaking Bad"-Burlingame, CA.
Lets face it everyone-
Once "All My Children " goes off the air, what the heck are we going to do?
I say forget "Dallas"

Mrs. A.H.

This was NOT a "Meth House"!!!! Yes it was set up into several illegal apartments by the owner, who he had rented out to some very shady people, that were involved in illegal activity i.e. drug sales etc.
But there was a very nice family who happen to be living in the main part of the home who happen to be the victims of such intolerable living conditions and had NOTHING to do with the other tenants criminal behavior!
I was part of that nice family!!! And I do not appreciate others making up false accusations that this house was a "Meth House"!!! I do not want my children to be apart of something like this! This article need to retract it's allegations and bring up only the facts!!! My family's lives have been turned upside down since we were forced to vacate our part of the house with in only a few hours, all because of actions by another tenant. My children had to endure ridicule from their school mates. We don't need anymore grief after all we have been through! Please retract this false statement.


You have just verified that there were drug sales happening there. Did you mean to do that?

Mrs. A.H.

Yes, I did intend to verify that there were drug dealings going on at that property but by a single tenant, who occupied a back unit for about 3-5 months before the house was deemed unsafe and ultimately shut down completely... But it was never a "meth house"! There is a huge difference. I hope people in the community know that he was the only tenant that was involved in any illegal activity...
If you have any other questions about the house or the owner please ask me, I much rather people inquire about it than make assumptions which result in gossip and false allegations.

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