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January 09, 2011



I've seen people going through my recycling this past summer. Haven't noticed it much since it has been cold and raining. I just turn on the porch light and they run off.


I know the noise from "those people" in the morning is annoying.
But once a consumer disgards a product to an unlocked resepticle in the street, it is a CAST OFF,GARBAGE, and gone.
No longer the property of the people who are DONE with the delivery system for the product purchased.
Don't we all pay for garbage service now?
What do you think?


It seems to me that the rouge recyclers are only trying to scratch out a living doing a hard and dirty job. As long as these recyclers don't threaten anyone, don't come onto private property, don't leave a mess and don't make excessive noise, we should let them be. Maybe, the rolling containers will prove to be too deep and too much trouble for the rouge recyclers and their numbers will diminish.

Mr. Slate

I don't think its right for these people to dig through my garbage for many reasons. It does seem, however, that allocating limited police resources to chasing them away is an absolute waste. The new cans make is very difficult to sort and the problem may just go away. The fact that we are spending this much time on the Trash Bin Burglers tells me crime must be way down otherwise.


That is a good observation Mr. Slate..
Food for thought,
When was the last time you saw a Burlingame Police Officer giving anyone a ticket?
I see the San Mateo County Sheriff giving out tickets every morning at Broadway, Penninsula, and Burlingame Ave.

Joe Pirate

You people are morons. A person that is in dire need of food or whatever gets some stuff out your precious recycle bin and cashes it in. How the hell is this a crime? Burlingame has to be the most ignorent city on the planet.
There are some real problems out there. Someone taking your garbage I suspect deeply is not one of them. Relax. Have a beer for Gods sake. Then recycle it of course.
The "Pirate".

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